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We have boarding options to fit your needs!  Whether it is just for the day, over night, over night stay and play or for an extended stay

- we're always here

Each guest has individual heated and cooled comfortable luxurious suites for meals and bedtime sleeping. Otherwise, we encourage all our four legged guest to take part in our large outdoor play area that has been designed to meet and play with other furry friends.

All overnight accommodations include video severance with the following:

Private luxurious suite with a raised bed, squishy bed or if our furry guest prefers, a cozy create. All our guest have their very own TV, treats, toys and are included in the participation of our fun daycare activities when appropriate.

Administering of any medications, including pills or insulin injections

Lots of love and attention, and lots more love and attention!

Stay & Play - Overnight Boarding - $40 per night

Call for multi-pet and/or extended stay discounts.

Your fur baby will participate in doggy daycare during the day and spend the night in one of our comfy suites.

We suggest that you bring your fury friend in as early as possible on the first day of their stay and play, there is no additional cost for this and it is very beneficial to your pup. They will eat and sleep much better after a full day of playing and getting to know our wonderful staff. Please note that drop-off times are pre-arranged at booking.

Overnight Boarding without daycare - $35 per night

Call for multi-pet and/or extended stay discounts.

Our overnight guests that are NOT allowed to participate in daycare activities, Do enjoy lots of private play, and basic training

Day Boarding - $30 per day

Call for multi-pet and/or extended stay discounts.

Excellent candidates for day boarding are Dogs who do not socialize well, who can’t be left home alone, or who are in need of special care or handling throughout the day while pet parents are at work.

Dogs in Day Boarding enjoy the privacy of a cozy suite for the day,  with private play time, and regular outdoor potty breaks throughout the day.

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