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Dog Grooming

Our luxurious bathing services are only available in conjunction with a day of daycare or boarding. 

Sorry... no hair or nail clipping services are available at this time.

After some serious play in the morning, your dog will be bathed using a gentle herbal shampoo, conditioner, and warm water. All baths include ear cleaning, blow-dry, and brush out.

You have the option for private care for ultimate cleanliness after the bath or your dog can be let out to join the rest of their friends.

We highly recommend scheduling a bath after a stay at Lucky Dawg in order to get a clean snuggly dog back home.

Prices for bathing vary by dog, but general pricing guidelines are:

Under 15 pounds: $30
Between 16 and 50 pounds: $40
More than 50 pounds: $50​

If your fur baby has fleas they will be required to be treated at time of drop off in order to

stay the day or night.

Flea Treatment Prices:

Under 15 pounds: $40

Between 16 and 50 pounds: $50

More than 50 pounds: $60

Grooming: Text
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